Marketing at scale©, aim accurately to see big.

Expert insights

INTRODUCTIONMarketing at scale is an exclusive Ekstend Group method.

It allows the deployment of specific and consistent marketing actions and communication plans. The global strategy is designed through the prism of tailor-made and localized tactics. At large scale, the performance of the actions is thus over-optimized.

Who can the least can the most.

The ambition of any brand is to reach its audience with the most realistic understanding of the field possible. With many years of local expertise, we have learned that there is not one but plenty customer experiences. The market standard, when it is subject to the deployment of marketing or communication actions, is to think of a strategic axis from an average of personas, then personalized via a CRM program.

What is the typical profile of a city dweller between 35 and 50 years old, from a particular region, in contact with your brand experience, digitally or at an event? A classic marketing breakdown by area of interest (I like jazz, new technologies) will offer a rigid view of the experience to deliver.

Our belief is that “type” personas only bring self-biased views if they are considered the main reference for the effectiveness of the envisaged actions. Brands should first focus on the added value of their products and offers, in order to confront them with the field reality which is, itself, of infinite richness.

This is not an algorithm.

In the context of structuring a localized operation, our implementation approach is based first and foremost on human intelligence and contextual personalization in situ: training of a team with the brand’s language elements, analysis of tools and local constraints, adapted objectives.

Perception, listening, adaptability and consolidation of best practices are at the heart of the offer. An agile and conscious method, centered on the human, in contact with customers and field teams. From training to shopper marketing, everything that is imagined and built is done through the prism of unique individuals. The mastery of pilot operations then allows us to scale a method that will optimize the potential and parameters of each location or target group. Far from an algorithmic approach, we build added value through awareness and consolidation of what is happening on the ground.

In the context of digital-centric or non-pilot operations, we offer specific tools such as the creation of panels of sample families and consumers. Our research department also offers a larger-scale group or localized vision to digitize the Marketing at scale© concept.

Implementation and concrete actions.

Because it is organic in its design, the implementation of Marketing at Scale© always starts with an analysis of the human and technical resources adapted to the local need, but also adapted to the sizing project, to respect the constraints, whether they are logistical or budgetary at large scale.

In the context of supporting an automotive dealership, for example, we first analyze the specific context, sometimes different from the macro vision. Meeting the management, sales teams, customer and lead ecosystems.

Before deploying actions, we consolidate the kpi identified with the implementation of new indicators. Overall, it is about structuring the analysis of the life of the dealership. In the specific example of the automotive world, we study partnerships, press issues, events, plv, local media, radio, displays, social and digital, cinema and CRM.

The strength of our offer is clearly at the heart of marketing ambitions in the immersion phase, in contact with the brand’s project teams. It is a method that is lived and built, during a collaboration that goes beyond a theoretical model. This field reality that advertisers face, complex to address, we have made it a unique advantage in the market.

Article written by Alexandre Castaing, CEO Sweet Punk