Core branding©, to no longer choose between notoriety and performance.

Expert insights

INTRODUCTIONCore branding is an innovative group solution that optimizes the development and visibility of brands.

The offer aims to extend the spectrum of branding by strengthening it with the design of the main communication tools, for better consistency. This know-how combines a deep analysis of the company’s DNA, mastery of global design and powerful storytelling, around targeted insights.

See big, refocus.

Branding, brand platform, communication platform, campaign. The contextual gap that is created between the rebranding of a logo and the assets of a campaign can be very large. If Core Branding© is a good way to respond to this phenomenon, it is first of all a conviction: to address each subject through the purpose of the company. Brands are carried by their identity, values, vision and the ideas that emerge from their products. The more powerful this aura is, the less it is necessary to diversify the communication angles. This idea is at the heart of our offer: to make the connection between the brand’s deep identity and an intelligent, fair and balanced campaign.

Three pillars, no secret. 

A deep and “human first” analysis

The members of our teams have as their first mission to become collaborators of the brand before being a solution provider. The method always starts with exchanges with the founders, responsible or the artisans of the brand, carriers of the key messages. Seminars, workshops, interviews are ideal for infusing a culture. The objective of this contextual analysis is to extract the elementary bricks of the brand DNA and confront them with the insights of the time, without giving in to the trend.

A powerful storytelling

How to make the demarcations between the charter, the corporate identity and the promotion of a product or service disappear? To create a link between those who make the brand and those who will consume it, it is essential to value the themes that the public can take up. The best brand stories, charters and campaigns, those that will last and strengthen over time, must be compatible with the resonance chamber that audiences form. Perfection is not human. This remark is also valid for brands, which must abandon the idea of constantly conforming to please. Intelligently integrating roughness and differentiating elements is essential, in the image of famous campaigns (Think Small for VW or We Try Harder for Avis). Tesla, which has never invested a dollar in paid media, consolidates the victory of its storytelling. The communicative strength of this company does not reside in its power but in the authenticity of the scenario proposed by Elon Musk.

Insight and truth

Studies and figures are as essential as manipulable in the discourse they deliver. With the Core Branding method, our goal is to extract the essence of a potential market to value not a state of fact, but the potential of a brand’s value proposition. The goal of a good communication platform is to define a legible and delimited but non-enclosing expression territory. The master idea instilled in a speech should not freeze the next one. Taking a simple photograph of a given situation is not enough. Thus we approach the study of targets with powerful tools but above all by an intelligent and contextualized reading.

The success of the Core Branding approach is not only measured by its ability to generate only good deliverables, but also by its ability to generate ideas: creativity, mechanics and buzz are as much results as ingredients. Thus is born a solid and consistent working context for the brand and its employees.

Article written by Alexandre Castaing, CEO Sweet Punk