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Škoda is rolling out geolocated digital media campaigns with the goal of generating qualified traffic to its network of dealerships.

The challenge? Each individual campaign, measured separately using a different protocol, cannot be compared and analyzed for its contribution to traffic and sales performance.

The project

The deployment of the oKube by Smart Traffik solution in 4 steps :

Škoda Marketing & Media Team"The combination of Smart Traffik technology and Ekstend Group's expertise in retail marketing enables the Škoda network to optimize the quality and performance of its investments for traffic and conversion in dealerships."

Key figures


Introduction to marketing prediction, allowing for the determination of visit or sales performance based on a marketing budget.

In just 9 months, the Ekstend teams have optimized the cost per dealership visit on average by 18% following the analysis of customer journeys and the use of the oKube by Smart Traffik attribution platform.