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How to develop a customized assessment campaign and skills plan for the Brand and Marketing Managers of the Emil Frey France Group?

By working with Emil Frey France's Training and Marketing department to analyze and identify the training needs of their teams, we designed a customized program to help them reach their full potential.
An appraisal campaign and a training program to encourage 54 trainees to be the driving force behind their own and their colleagues' skills development.

Our support

Regular feedback, tailored training courses, gamification/quizzes, participative workshops, placement tests: these are just some of the levers used to stimulate commitment.

Program highlights

Assessing employee skills is no easy task. That’s why we supported all the parties involved (managers, HR, etc.) in these various tasks:

  • Setting up a progressive and motivating assessment system for employees.
  • Follow-up to enable each employee to offer feedback, so that they can co-design their own training.
  • Adaptive training that evolves in line with the Group’s ambitions, needs and learner feedback, to establish a culture of continuous learning.

Anna Flament, Training Project Manager, Emile Frey"We set up a partnership with Ekstend to train our marketing managers in local marketing. Our trainers were quick to understand our needs and suggest topics that were in line with our requirements, while including very concrete examples from our day-to-day business. In terms of pedagogy, they offered us a hybrid course with e-learning, distance learning and face-to-face sessions, combining top-down content and case-based exercises, while adapting to our in-house tools. We'll definitely be calling on their services again to continue upgrading the skills of our marketing managers."


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