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How can we support Audi partners in creating and deploying their local content on social media ?

By deploying virtual masterclasses aimed at Marketing Managers of dealerships to give them concrete keys and best practices in content strategy.
The goal: to confidently and efficiently approach the creation and dissemination of content on social media.

Our added value: the involvement of content creators alongside our social media experts.

In 2023, high-quality speakers and social media experts were invited to provide advice and introduce concrete tools to Audi Marketing Managers.

Automotive lifestyle content creator Erwan de Nanteuil, also known as The Gloved Driver, and Pierre Bonnet Films, a professional videographer specializing in the automotive sector, participate at every stage of the program. The training team works closely with the duo to define the educational approach.

A hands-on approach that appeals to Marketing Managers. Described as “comprehensive,” the training “makes one eager” to learn and has proven itself: “These are good pieces of advice, and the involvement of influencers lends credibility to the sessions.